Baby Fairy Dress

Posted on: 13 December, 05

This little dress was a treat to sew. Playing with laces and ribbons is not something I get to do very often. The first time I saw this in Ottobre Summer 2005, I knew I had to make it for somebody. The question was who be the first to have baby girl? The voile for the petals and sleeves were leftover from another a project…one of those pieces of fabric that is just to pretty to throw away. The body of the dress is a white cotton muslin of uncommon softness. Unfortunately, my camera can’t zoom in well enough to show the details. I attached a delicate white lace at the bodice line using a featherstitch in pale pink. White FOE provided a decorative finish at the sleeves while also gathering the edge. There is a bit of eyelet trim peeking out beneath the hem. I hope the baby’s mommy enjoys as much as I did making it.


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