Home for Wayward Dolls

Posted on: 8 January, 06

She still needs a little more cleaning, but Josie is feeling much better in some new, clean jammies. Her nails had been painted with a gel pen and there are still remnants of lip gloss. It took a while to comb through the tangles in her hair. American Girl dolls have really good hair! The original dress is in desperate need of cleaning and repair.
Josie’s arrival was a pleasant surprise….a nice change from the unpleasant surprises of late. While dropping of some donations at the thrift shop, I noticed the blonde hair sticking out of another woman’s donation box. I think I sort of frightened the woman when I started ranting about the doll. Apparently I expressed more interest in the doll than her daughter ever did. She gave it to me instead of donating it to the thrift shop. Perhaps she was hoping if she gave me the doll, I would just take my craziness and go home. DH is also questioning my sanity. I told him it could be worse…I could be collecting wayward cats.


2 Responses to "Home for Wayward Dolls"

gorgeous pj’s! too cute!

Lucky you!! I’ve had friends find Amer. Girl dolls in the thrift store, but I’ve never been that fortunate!

I love my AG dolls (all 4 of them!) and enjoy sewing for them. I have done the most sewing for Molly and my Asian Girl of Today, but have done a little for Kirsten, too. Poor Felicity is Still waiting her turn!

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