Scenes from a Fabric Store

Posted on: 14 January, 06

It hasn’t been the greatest week, so I decided to treat myself while running errands with a peek in the fabric store. A young couple comes in looking like they have just landed on an alien planet.
“Gee, I guess we should start with a pattern.” They look perplexed because on the wall are racks of patterns for heirloom garments…children’s garments.
“Honey, do you think this is a children’s fabric store? I wonder where the women’s fabric store is?” the man ponders. The woman begins opening the drawers of the pattern cabinets.
“Noooo, we have to look through these drawers. This is going to take a while,” she says with an attempt at confidence.
I take pity on them by showing them the pattern books. The man is selecting only dresses that have no back, a thigh high slit, a neckline that plunges to the waist, or, even better, one that meets all three of these criteria. Then he detects a potential problem.
“Why do these dresses only go down to 6 or 8?” Granted, this young woman was not rotund by any measure, but if she was smaller than a 6, then I must still be in toddler sizes. Either she is lying to him about her dress size or she is lying to herself. Nonetheless, I suggested they not look at the sizes, but go by measurements instead.
When I asked who would be sewing this train wreck, uh, I mean dress, the woman responded that she would ask her mother. Apparently mom had sewn her a few dresses when she was a little girl. Were these simple little a-line jumpers? Has mom picked up a needle in the last 15 years? Does mom know her daughter is selecting patterns that require advanced sewing techniques and intricate fittings?
They were such a cute couple. He was so dear to spend a Saturday afternoon helping his sweetie find the perfect dress. She was a pretty girl who could definitely wear any of those beautiful styles. Young love. I could feel the words “I’ll sew it for you” bubbling up in my throat. I grabbed my coat and ran for my life. This train wreck didn’t need any more victims.


5 Responses to "Scenes from a Fabric Store"

LOL–smart move! –Saralyn

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH… oh, I feel better… no, wait… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now I’m done. I love it, “either lying to him about her dress size or lying to herself”, *hee*.

I’d have been half tempted to just sort of *watch* them riffle through the actual pattern cabinets (probably while nonchalantly flipping through a pattern catalog), just for the entertainment of it. But the nicer side probably would’ve nagged me into helping them, like you did.

Scenes…repeated many times by many people

wonderful story….


i did watch them fumble thru the drawers for a couple minutes as i flipped thru a pattern catalog. does that make me a bad, bad person?

I thought we settled this ages ago… whoever gets there first has to save the other one a seat in Hell 😉

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