Ottobre Summer ’04 #40

Posted on: 16 January, 06

Totally love this skirt! If only the weather would get warmer so I could actually wear it. This is a nice twist on all the tiered skirts that are invading the stores. Being vertically challenged, wide horizontal bands are not a good look for me. The skirt is made of eight panels, using four different fabrics. These beautiful rayon batiks are leftovers from shirts I have made for the boys and DH. The leftovers were too big to simply throw away, but absolutely perfect for a skirt like this.
It was extremely easy to sew. As per the instructions, I hemmed each panel before seaming them together. Lots of starch helped make the fabric more reasonable to handle. Since each panel ends in a point, the hem is stitched all on the bias. I sewed a line of stitching slightly less than a quarter inch from the edge, then folded on the stitching and pressed with more starch. I then folded again and topstitched resulting in an even simple hem. The seams are joined with one straight edge to a curved edge. Given the rayon and the bias edge of curved pieces, I sewed the seams with the curved piece on the bottom. This allowed the presser foot to help ease in the curves. A quick elastic waist finishes it off!


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