What I am Reading…26a by Diana Evans

Posted on: 15 February, 06

I’m way behind on posting about the books I’ve read….

This one was strange. It is a story of twin girls as they grow up. The plot is largely average…twin issues, family turmoil, school issues…yawn. Towards the very end, things get interesting as depression seizes one twin. Despite the average plot, the writing is inspired in sections…beautiful descriptions. It took me longer than normal to get through this book because the neither the plot nor the characters grabbed me in the beginning.


1 Response to "What I am Reading…26a by Diana Evans"

I hate having to struggle to get into a book. One of my favorite authors, I almost passed by because the first book of hers was so slow to get me hooked. Of course, once I did get hooked (and a lot of it was getting used to the writing style), I read every other book of hers I could 🙂 (Eugenia Price, wrote historical “fiction” set in Georgia/North Florida in the 19th century, based on real people and places)

Glad you enjoyed your book 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I read a *new* book. I’m currently halfway through my 8-bazillionth reading of The Mammoth Hunters.

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