Diversionary Tactics

Posted on: 18 March, 06

Because life has been hectic, I thought it was the perfect time to sew the trench coat from the new Ottobre Woman issue. As ironic as it sounds, a complex project helps clear my mind. I get so wrapped up in the project, everything else melts away. As usual, I didn’t do much planning before I started cutting into the red microfiber brushed twill. There is a ton of topstitching. I grabbed a spool of turquoise which really pops against the red. Since winter is clinging on for dear life around here, flannel backed satin was chosen for the lining. Most of the outer shell was sewn yesterday, with the plan of shopping for the lining today. Now, a smart person would have purchased the lining before doing so much topstitching to increase the likelihood that the topstitching would coordinate with the lining. With sewing, I like to fly by the seat of pants, make it up as I go along. Fate smiled upon me….from the very limited supply of flannel backed satin, I found the perfect bolt jammed between other things. It is almost the exact same color as my topstitching thread.
The lining is sewn. Miles of topstitching have been sewn on the shell. Tomorrow, I will dig through the button stash. Hopefully I will not need to make another trip to the fabric store. The pattern calls for a million buttons. I plan to thin the button herd. I’m small….too many buttons will just look ridiculous. Thus far I can say Ottobre has another fabulous design.


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reply: I have repaired the link. Sorry. πŸ™‚

Good design, who make it?

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