Petticoat Junction

Posted on: 15 April, 06

At this point, I am sort of hoping to be hit by a train. I was asked to make 15 petticoats for the school’s folkdance festival. The first obstacle was figuring out how to get all 15 out of only 10 yards of fabric. Lots of math. To borrow a phrase from Barbie, “Math is hard.” These petticoats are suppose to have a ruffle at the bottom of that cheap netting that feels like plastic. J said, “Isn’t this the stuff that they use to make the bags for onions?” Um, no, but close. Tried to gather it on the serger….not tight enough gathers. Gathering by hand takes for ever. Gathering by sewing machine is only slightly faster. GRRR. Like a fool, I left a spool of thread on top of my machine. I decided to make all the petticoats and then do all the netting in hope that the teacher at school has a ruffler attachment for her machine. All of a sudden, the machine stops sewing and makes a horrible grinding sound. The thread on top of the machine managed to wrap itself around the fly wheel….almost the entire spool. For the next 45 minutes, I carefully unwrapped and untangled thread from the fly wheel. The whole time I was praying that no permanent damage had occurred. Thankfully, the machine is fine. These petticoats may be the death of me.


2 Responses to "Petticoat Junction"

I have enjoyed your comments and life experiemces for quite awhile.
You and the other ladies in Sew4 have cheered me up time and again.
So I’ll take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck
thank you for making my life a little brighter.
Pat in Leesburg formerly of Niagara Falls

Pat, what a lovely comment to post! Thank you…your comment has made my day a little brighter.

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