Almost Burda 8217

Posted on: 15 May, 06

At first, I was disappointed when this pattern did not come in my size.  Never fear….handy dandy pencil to the rescue.  Starting with the ever popular Jalie wrap top, it did not take long to morph it into a reasonable facsimile of the Burda top.  I plan to at least one more, probably a long sleeve for the winter.  If I can find the right fabrics, it might be interesting to make one sleeve & crossover from a solid with the other sleeve & crossover from a print.  The two fabrics would need to be “just right” to avoid a clown effect. Perhaps it just looks better in my head than it would in real life.  Nonetheless, I like this sleeveless version.  The fabric has a very teeny, tiny stripe which shows off the crossover effect subtly, yet effectively.


1 Response to "Almost Burda 8217"

Almost Burda 8217. that is so neat. i bet it looks great on you. I enjoyed looking at many of your items and articles. thanks for sharing. Your comments on the books and all were interesting too. the skirts are all very nice. I’m a pink person and really liked that one, plus you used the leftovers for a baby. Great. The skirts and blouses were nicely done.
Joyce E. from Jacksonville, FL

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