Gadget Girl Update

Posted on: 30 May, 06

The Wacom Tablet was returned yesterday. It would be a lovely solution for someone else, but not for me. My mousing issues are not typical carpal tunnel syndrome. I have DeQuervain’s Syndrome. I do find it a bit disheartening to my ego that it is also known as “washer woman’s syndrome.” Clearly, I need a more exciting life so I can have more exciting ailments. Oh, back to the Wacom….. wonderful little gadget, but the pen required too much thumb usage for me. The tablet also took up a fair amount of real estate on my desk, which is a precious commodity. I often switch my mouse from the right side to the left to give both of my thumbs an opportunity for overuse. Switching the Wacom required moving lots of things around to make room. I’m lazy…that was too much effort.

After fondling all of the mice at the electronics store, I ended up with a Logitech wireless mouse. In an unusual turn of events, it was one of the less expensive options on the shelf. I have a tendency to pick up the most expensive item in the store without really trying. The trend may be towards smaller mice, but I like a slightly larger one because it keeps my wrist in a better position. The wireless feature simplifies moving the mouse between the right and left side of my desk. Selecting a computer mouse is like selecting shoes. One size does not fit all. You really need to hold it, see how it feels in you hand. How does it feel to click the buttons? Does it allow your wrist to fall in a comfortable position? So I did not end up with a fancy “gaming” mouse or the nifty Wacom Tablet. It’s an ordinary wireless mouse, but it fits my hand sweetly.


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I’m laughing just a little. I linked to the DeQuervain’s site, and thought that it sounded awfully familiar. So I tried the Finkelbein test, and, OW! I jumped just a little. It still hurts just a bit, but it’s my own fault–duh! I guess that’s what I have, too . It’s gotten much better since I don’t mouse 8 hours a day any more. I can’t practice piano too much, though, because it starts up again.

Anyway, what I have found that works is this:

A wrist rest. Pretty cheap (~$5), and it would be easy to move left to right side. In a pinch, a deck of cards or a thick user manual will do.

I have a Logitech mouse, too, but not the same one as yours. I love that it doesn’t have a cord (who knew that was so annoying until it was gone?!?), but I miss the side buttons I had on the old one.

Good luck with your new toy! Get back to sewing, and show us some pictures !


don’t mess around with the wrist/thumb problems. At one point, mine was so bad that I could barely hold a glass. I was put in a cast for 2 months to totally immobilize my thumb. The alternative was surgery, which made the cast sound very pleasant. I have learned my lesson. I limit offending activities like mousing, sewing, and writing by hand. When I feel the first tingle of a flare up, I wear a splint as much as possible for a week or two. When I know I will be doing lots of sewing (like when it’s time to sew folkdance costumes), I wear the splint before it starts hurting as a preventative measure. It helps tremendously.

Ah….more sewing….sounds like an excellent plan. School will be out in a week and then I will have time for sewing.

I had DeQ back when I was in graduate school for landscape design doing a lot of drawing and drafting. I went through physical therapy, splints, you name it. I ended up getting the surgery in 92 and haven’t had a problem since. The surgery was outpatient and easy, I don’t remember any pain and I wasn’t in a cast for months – more like 10 days. I have a very slim 1″ scar on the top of my wrist. I would do it again in a flash. So great not to have to deal with that anymore. Feel free to email if you want to ask questions. Not sure if this will show my address so here it is:

thanks for sharing the info. the hand surgeon i consulted suggested a more aggressive surgery, which i would like to avoid. 🙂 tho, the thought of having it just “go away” is appealing….

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