What I am Watching..

Posted on: 24 June, 06

I don’t watch a lot of movies because I am usually disappointed by them. Books are more my preference. However, I will often find some random movie to sort of watch while I fold laundry. This morning I watched “I am Sam” with Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning. Not one single piece of laundry was folded because I was positively glued to the screen. That never ever happens. Except for reaching for a tissue from time to time, I did not move for the full two hours. Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning were amazing. The story was so very well told. I don’t know if the movie or the actors won any awards, but they deserved many awards. Sadly, I can see why it did not do that well at the box office. It wasn’t flashy, just honest and emotional.


2 Responses to "What I am Watching.."

yes, i loved that movie too 9and i rarely go to the cinema). only thing that was difficult with that movie – more on the big screen i’d say – was the constant moving of the camera (which is a really common effect now,but wasn’t back then)

yes, some of the camera work was distracting. can’t imagine that on the big screen. i would have been reaching for the dramamine. πŸ™‚

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