Mmmm Mmmm Good

Posted on: 1 July, 06

Who knew you could improve upon perfection? White chocolate M&M’s. They are called “Pirate Pearls” as a tie in the new “Pirates of the Carribbean” movie. I was dubious because most white chocolate available at WalMart tastes like plastic. After much sampling, I am happy to report that Pirate Pearls are truly a treasure. Shhhh….don’t tell my children that I am hoarding some in a secret hiding place. Pirate Pearls are on limited edition production, so don’t dilly dally if you want to try them. When we go to see the new movie, I plan to have an extra large bag of Pirate Pearls. White chocolate with movie theater popcorn….yummy! I wonder what the shelf life is for M&M’s. For how long could I stockpile these?

4 Responses to "Mmmm Mmmm Good"

I think it’s more of a half-life than a shelf life 😉

I’m going on a sewing retreat this week. I may have to get a couple bags of these to share!


Pirate Pearls

Maybe you could freeze them? Wrap them in freezer paper and label as liver! LOL!

Someone brought a bag to a recent scrapbooking night I attended and they are wonderful – I have been trying to find them. guess I need to check Walmart again (but avoid the fabric department!)

Sue in MD

You can freeze chocolate, it just may look a little different, with what they call a “bloom”, that greyish colour it turns. All you have to do is thaw them out of the bag, on a paper towel. And, if you wrap the package in brown butcher paper and label it ‘liver’, or something equally yummy, your kids will never touch it! Ask me how I know….!

I *love* the idea of labeling them “liver” so no one else touches them! Good to know I’m not the only one who hides candy from the rest of the household.

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