More Yummy Colors

Posted on: 11 July, 06

Here is a photo of the silks I received from Asia. DH was in China and a co-worker was in Singapore. I am lucky girl to have personal shoppers who travel to places with such beautiful fabrics. The photo does not begin to do the colors justice. With the exception of the cobalt blue on the right, all of the solids are dual colored dupioni silk. I love the way to color changes as the fabric moves. There are three to four yards of each and most of the pieces are 40 inches wide. I will try to resist the urge to “save” these silks for a special occasion. (No special occasions loom on the horizon) I want these beautiful fabrics to be used so they may garner the admiration they so richly deserve.


2 Responses to "More Yummy Colors"

**LOVE** the brocade… does the blue all the way on the right match it? Is it reversible in any way? You could do some really neat things with it.

unfortunately, no those two don’t match. the red is actually darker in real life and works pretty well with the brocade. i like the green and lavender together…..and the darker blue looks nice with the lavender and/or green too. So many choices!!! i could have loads of fun just playing with the fabric without sewing a stitch.

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