I Got an A+

Posted on: 7 August, 06

The directions for the computer table were better than expected. However, I had to call in the reinforcements to get those blasted little screws into the metal. I just didn’t have the hand strength. DH barely had the hand strength. The list of required tools did not state the need for superhuman strength. When I asked DH to help, I held breathe just a little bit. There was quite a bit venom being spewed, but it was against a common enemy…..the idiots who designed the computer table. The screws would not go into the metal. They were at awkward angles that defied every law of physics. We moving forward through the instruction booklet slowly but surely. Enter the boys who want to help. Okay, this is where the whole mission could quickly disintegrate. We explained the physical challenges of the project. I think the sweat dripping DH’s forehead and the blood from his scrapped knuckles convinced the boys that Dad was not in the mood for a tutorial on assembling furniture. Much to my surprise, the boys did find ways to actually be helpful. J conferred with me on the instruction booklet’s somewhat cryptic illustrations. C held things in place while DH tried to get those blasted little screws in. Before we knew it, we were done!


1 Response to "I Got an A+"

I think you need to post a PSA on this, tell us all what manufacturer made this Desk From Hell, so the rest of us who buy RTA furniture can avoid it πŸ˜‰

Nothin’ but love for Sauder, btw.

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