Posted on: 11 August, 06

No sewing today. 😦 Spent the day taking the boys for eye exams. I heard of another doctor who is familiar with C’s vision issues. Though I felt comfortable with the first doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan, I felt a second opinion couldn’t hurt. The good news is we have done all the right things. The bad news is there no more to be done. His vision impairment will never improve. The other bad news is J needs a significantly stronger prescription. Thankfully, he is just plain old nearsighted….an easy fix with glasses. This doctor’s office is an hour and half away, so we opted to get the eyeglasses prescription filled somewhere more local. After a quick lunch, the boys and I stopped by an optical shop to select new frames and order lenses.

Selecting frames for myself is hard enough. I don’t think any glasses look good on me. That leaves trying to pick the “least ugly” frame. Not exactly a positive experience. Trying to help two pre-teen boys select frames was a challenge. I wanted them to be happy with the selection, but I also did not want them to select something on a whim that they would hate in a month. Being in middle school, the coolness factor had to be considered. They would try on a pair and ask, “so what do you think?” If I said, “great” and they hated them, then they might start thinking that I have absolutely no taste and reject my opinion from this day forward. If I said, “Ewww” and they liked that particular pair, then I have, in essence, told them that they have absolutely no taste. In the midst of this, I am trying to steer them away from the ridiculously expensive frames which seem to have a magnetic pull on my children. Having worn glasses most of my life, I am sensitive to the idea that the glasses become a part of you, much like a hairstyle. Who would want to walk around in ugly glasses all day? While they are gleefully trying on the Hugo Boss frames, I am frantically clawing through the displays in the “thrifty corner.”

“Honey, look, these are the same shape…mostly….and the same color….sort of….” But I have raised boys who can spot quality a mile away. “Gee Mom, but those just look sort of cheap and flimsy.” Sigh, they were right. The frames did look cheap and flimsy which means they would probably break in no time. Sensing my frustration, or perhaps annoyed that we had now pulled every frame off the racks, an optician whispers the magic words, “Children’s glasses are half off this week.” I swear I heard the Hallelujah chorus drowning out the Muzak. “Boys, pick any frame you want!”

In the end, the boys selected some rather snazzy frames. J went much more bold and swank than his usual conservative style. C was actually more conservative than usual. My wallet was $400 lighter….even with the sale and insurance. I suppose it is a small price to pay if it helps the boys see better and feel good about themselves.


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