What I am Reading….

Posted on: 12 August, 06

The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella

I waited forever for this book to show up in my local library. Have I mentioned how terribly lame my local library is? Given the academic nature of my community, I expected a much better public library system. Sorry…that’s a rant for another day.

This books was *so* seriously worth the wait. I finished it in one day. It is a non-fiction account of a family’s experience adopting a little girl from China. The story is well written. Honest and not too schmaltzy. The family adopted Jaclyn when she was just shy of three. While in the orphanage, Jaclyn had sort of adopted a younger child, Xiao Mei Mei. Even though she was still a baby herself, Jaclyn would protect Xiao Mei Mei from the older children, help him dress, and hold his hand at night so he wouldn’t be too afraid of the dark. Once Jaclyn was adopted, it was mission to find a mama for Xiao Mei Mei, whom she referred to as her “baby.” She was tenacious in this mission. She is clearly a highly gifted child who figured out ways to coax the adults to help her on this mission. The love that this little girl showed for her baby is just beyond words. When you read what this child, and so many others, endured in the orphanage, you will want to run to China and adopt a whole bunch.

The author is very sensitive to not criticize the Chinese orphanage or adoption offices. She states that they are doing the best they can with what they have. It is a complicated situation due to culture, history, economics, and politics.

I cannot wait to see what Jaclyn becomes when she grows up. I would also love to be a fly on the wall during her teen years. She is strong individual, clearly wickedly smart, and very passionate. She is so fortunate to have been adopted into a family that loves her for who she is.


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