Channeling Fawn Hall

Posted on: 20 August, 06

My tax files have been sitting in a pile since mid April because putting them in the file cabinet required moving out the previous years files. I would need to spend quality time with the shredder before anything else could go in the storage box for old tax files. I refuse to keep old tax records any longer than necessary, but keeping the required amount is my theoretical insurance against an audit. The IRS never audits someone who has all their records, right?

Sitting next the paper shredder seemed like a good job for today. Yesterday, we were rear ended at a red light. The car is fine…well, not so much for the other guy. Cosmic justice. DH and the boys are fine, but my back is not too happy. I think a couple days of taking it easy and will be well. Shoving pages into the shredder is not too strenuous.

It is a bit scary how happy I am to have this done. I filled the shredder basket three times! My desk is much cleaner and there is extra room in the file drawer. It takes so little to make me happy.


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