Posted on: 21 August, 06

I am now getting hand-me-downs from my 12 year old son. Thankfully, my figure is not quite the same as a 12 year old boy. SInce I was going to sell school spirit wear at a back to school event, I thought it would be fun to actually wear a school tshirt. That’s when J told me I could have his because it doesn’t fit him anymore. Well, it fit like most mass produced gender neutral tees….boxy and unflattering. This just would not do, especially since I had made a cute pair of aqua blue shorts to go with the tee. Naturally, I decided this as I was getting dressed to leave. I have no idea why I don’t think of these a little further in advance. Not to worry, I had whole 45 minutes before it was time to leave. Quickly, I ripped apart the shirt….removed the neck ribbing, sleeves and shoulder seams. There wear no side seams. I straightened the grain as much as possible because twisted seam lines drive me insane. Using the tee pattern from Ottobre Woman, the shirt was recut with about 20 minutes left for sewing. The neckline was recut into a v-neck. There was not enough original ribbing to make the vee quite a low as I prefer, but even the higher vee looks better than the high round neck.

While at the event, a friend was teasing, “Clothes always looks cute on you….even a school tshirt looks cute on you. They look so baggy and ugly on me.” When I confessed that I had reconstructed the tee, a couple of other women said they had also been wondering how I managed to make a standard school tee look nice. I explained it has less to do with the body and more to do with the cut of the garment. I showed my friend how pulling in some of the excess fabric makes a huge difference. I felt little bit like Stacy on What Not to Wear.


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Teri, I love your transformed tee, and the shorts look like a perfect match. Isn’t it wonderful to sew!

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