A Little Cheesecake with my Whine….

Posted on: 31 August, 06

For the last few days, I have been fighting a head cold. It is one of those that feels like your sinuses are the size of the Good Year Blimp and there are giant, sharp edged boulders in your throat. Because every cell in my body hurts, sleep is elusive, yet I have the attention span of gnat with ADHD. So I have been wallowing in bed, feeling sorry for myself, and whining to whomever has the misfortune of crossing my path.

Yesterday, just as I was about to finally fall asleep, the doorbell rang. I was like a dragon awakened in his den, ready to dismember the one that dare disturb my slumber. It was the Fed Ex guy who had the good sense to drop the package and scurry back to his truck before I could open the door…..because I would have kissed him for bringing this particular package. Yes, a big germ laden kiss from a woman with two days worth of bed head and a face full of sheet wrinkles.

What treasure did this prince leave upon my doorstep? Cheesecake, real New York cheesecake, actually from New York City. It was from a business partner that my husband worked with on a recent trip to NYC. The lovely man wanted to send me a little treat because he understands how hard business travel is for the spouse who stays at home. How could he have possibly known this was the day when I needed the treat more than ever?

It is a “sampler” cheesecake…four delicious flavors. Chocolate, raspberry swirl, cherry, and traditional. Last night I took a nibble of the chocolate and the raspberry swirl. OH MY! Pure bliss. I can only imagine what it tastes like to someone with fully functioning taste buds. It has given me a whole new reason to get better…so I can regain all my senses and fully appreciate all the glory of this cheesecake.

Hark, what is that I hear? Ah, the sound of my pillow calling my name…



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