Baby Love

Posted on: 6 September, 06

Sewing baby things is too much fun….or maybe I just need to get a life.  Nonetheless, I had lots of fun planning this project.  As usual, it did not end up the way I originally planned it.  My projects are like children.  I try to raise them a certain way, but they have their own personalities and ideas.  Circumstances come along that influence their development.  Sometimes their refusal to do what I want is frustrating.  Sometimes they are easy and a joy.  In the end, they all have value and teach me something.

This project started out with Design #1 from the Spring 2005 issue of Ottobre Design.  I added length and A-line side seams to make it more of swing top.  The pants started out as Design #8 from the Spring 2003 issue.  The curved seam is trimmed in the same lime green foldover elastic as used for the binding of the top.  The little organza flowers were leftover from a skirt I made about a year ago.  The fabric is a soft ribbed velour from that has been aging nicely for quite some time.  The colors did not photograph very well.  The velour is a lovely deep lavender and the trim is lime green.  I think it is very girly without being pink.


1 Response to "Baby Love"

So very cute Teri – I love the purple!

Melissa (aka noboty1)

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