The Ultimate Answer

Posted on: 18 September, 06

My boys are big fans of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Naturally, the number 42 has become a favored number in our household. As I looked at the calendar, it occurred to me that in 42 days, I will have a teenager in the house. Yes, J will be 13 in 42 days. I am 42 years old and I will have a teenager. In many ways, I feel too old to have (deal with) a teenager. In many other ways, I feel much to young to have a teenager. Wasn’t he in preschool last week?!?!

I am extremely proud of the young man he is becoming. (Equally proud of how C is turning out too.) They are kind, considerate, thoughtful young men. They take no joy in seeing others suffer or be humiliated. They understand that being a mother or a teacher is not an easy job so they do what they can to help the situation. They want to do something good with their life, not necessarily something that will make them rich and famous. They appreciate what they have in this world.

There could (and probably will be) some rough days through the teen years. This blissful stage we are in right now is allowing me to store up some energy for those days. I know they have a solid foundation which can withstand a few storms.


1 Response to "The Ultimate Answer"

My math is asleep this morning. What day is your son’s birthday? Mine will be 13 on Nov. 12. I am also 42. Julie D.

reply to Julie D: His birthday is October 30th.

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