Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

Posted on: 22 October, 06

It is a rainy, dreary, grey Sunday. Ideally, it is perfect for staying in bed all day with a book…. provided one does not have children or a husband or a neighborhood of children who like to visit frequently. While laundry was chugging along, I purged the boys’ closets of the clothes they have outgrown. There was a fair amount that “will fit for now,” but not much longer. Those items stayed until new items are purchased or sewn. I filled three large trash bags with winter things that fit neither of them. As usual, the “hand me downs” were quite limited. Despite J’s recent growth spurts, C is not that far behind him.

When I made these things last year, they all seemed so large, perhaps too big for my babies. As I fold and place them in bags, the very same shirts and pants seem so small. My boys have grown, but not only in terms of inches and pounds. Three bags sit in the hallway, awaiting a trip to the thrift shop. There are a lot of memories in those three bags.


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