How Could I Say No?

Posted on: 3 November, 06

A local fabric store is going out of business which means a big sale. With everything 75% off, did you expect me to just walk away? I did show some restraint by only getting fabrics I really liked. Here is the rundown of what I got, from left to right….
#1 cotton print
#2 rayon batik in shades of pink
#3 cotton print
#4 smooth knit, lovely weight to it
#5 cotton print
#6 soft knit, heavy-ish weight
#7 cotton print
#8 soft knit, heavy-ish weight
#9 cotton print
Until I laid them all out to photograph, I did not realize that some would work as coordinates. The paisleys (#5 & #9) remind me of Ottobre fabrics. The knits are so wonderful. The heavier ones will be great for winter tops. The cotton prints will be for baby gifts so I held myself to only a yard of each. I got 2 yards of everything else, except for the cobalt blue. Since that is such a staple of my wardrobe and could possibly be used for the boys, there are 4 yards of that. So much for my efforts to cut down on my fabric inventory.
But don’t they look pretty all in a row?

2 Responses to "How Could I Say No?"

What great fabrics to get on sale. I could see some of these cotton fabrics as trims on the knit shirts; around the necklines or as pocket flaps. Love the blue and lime/blue fabrics together.

Beautiful colors and prints, Teri. I can’t wait to see your creations.

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