What I am Reading….

Posted on: 4 November, 06

The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates

This is the second book by JCO that I have read. It just might be the last. It was not the worse thing I have ever read, but she uses so many words to say so little. Lots of words, if they are good words, is fine, even enjoyable. The story could have been told in at least half as many pages. Using the early days of the Love Canal lawsuits as a backdrop was interesting, but the characters were flat. The dialog was even flat.


1 Response to "What I am Reading…."

Oh dear God, I just had a flashback to American Literature, freshman year, the professor was obsessed with JCO, and talked about her work constantly (keep in mind, this was pre-civil-war American Lit class). I tried reading her stuff once and couldn’t stand it. Awful, awful flashbacks.

I think that professor was the reason I chose British Lit to focus on. Plus, he taught that Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the gospel truth of what was happening in the 1850s. He was weird.

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