Generation T

Posted on: 8 November, 06

The teenager across the street is interested in sewing.  Naturally, I do what I can to encourage that interest.  For her birthday, I gave her a book called Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform aT-Shirt.  It is a fun, fun book!  Everything starts with a basic tee which is then sliced and diced and put back together in a different way.  Just the sort of thing I like to do with patterns.  I expected M to like the book, but she positively squealed with delight.  She asked her mom to take her to the thrift store to pick up a bunch of tees to play with.  I asked to borrow the book back at some point because I want to play too.


1 Response to "Generation T"

You are the coolest mom/neighbor/teacher/friend EVER. What a neat idea! And I can’t wait to see what you come up with when you borrow it!

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