Whistlin’ Dixie

Posted on: 10 November, 06

A few days ago, I wore my black wrap dress with black boots and a black leather belt. The reaction I received was pleasantly surprising. I was whistled at! I am in my 40’s and I was whistled at. Do you have any idea how shocking that is to me? For a moment, I looked behind to see who was being whistled at before I realized it was me! Yes, turning around to look certainly dropped me a few points on the “coolness” scale. A very handsome young man I see frequently said, “Wow, that is a great dress.” Men his age usually do not comment on a woman’s dress unless they are trying to get a date….and this guy *knows* I am not dating material. Another man, held open a door for me with a sweeping gesture of the arm and a big smile. All day there was smiles and nods and lovely comments. I thought I looked nice, quite a bit nicer than usual, but I was surprised at the amount of attention received. I wish I had taken a photo of the full ensemble, but it was a hectic day with not a moment to spare. Oh, when I had to go out in the evening, I threw on my red trench coat. I was feeling rather cheeky by then.


1 Response to "Whistlin’ Dixie"

Honey, we *all* need a dress like that! If I were you, I would wear it every single day. But you have such a cute little figure that I bet everything looks good on you.

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