Where’s the Beef?

Posted on: 13 November, 06

The beef was on my cracker, with horseradish…..and raw. Ewwww! Steak Tartare. Go ahead, say “ewww” again. This is what I get for moving outside my usual social circle. I was invited to a dinner meeting at a rather swank restaurant. Ok, swank by our limited standards around here, and definitely swank compared to where I usually eat. I arrive at the restaurant wearing my wrap dress, which has now been dubbed “the magic dress.” Once again that dress garnered me more attention than a 42 year mother of two is accustomed to. Upon arrival, I was escorted by private elevator to the private dining room which was attended to by an army of waitstaff. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were plentiful. The room was lovely, but the lighting was really bad. Perhaps it only seemed that way to one who usually eats at restaurants with flashing neon signs. I totally blame the poor lighting for my consumption of raw beef. It looked harmless…. a pinkish substance on a rye cracker like thing with some sort of whitish sauce. The taste was actually rather bland, except for the horseradish. As I ate, I tried to figure out what it was. A vegetable spread of some sort perhaps? Fortunately for me, it was not good enough for me to take a second portion. As we were being seated, I noticed small, tasteful placard near the entryway listing the evening’s menu. Despite the poor lighting, the words “steak tartare” jumped out like a flashing neon sign. I am already a little squeamish about eating beef since the beef industry does not have a good track record when it comes to cleanliness and only feeding us healthy cows. I grabbed the closest waiter to request a glass of red wine, hoping that the alcohol might kill any nasties that were lurking in the raw beef.

The main course was filet mignon. On any other occasion, that would be a happy little treat, but it sounded less appetizing after having eaten the raw ingredient. Normally, I would go for medium well. Once again, I grabbed my waiter and said, “No pink, please. I really, really can’t see any pink.” Of course, the guy next to me asked for his as rare as possible. It was barely beige on the outside. I managed to avert my eyes for the entire meal. Ewww. I must admit, when cooked, they serve a tasty bit of cow.


1 Response to "Where’s the Beef?"

You didn’t tell me about the steak tartare! Eww! If it makes you feel any better, it’s okay to eat steak like that, as opposed to ground beef. Ground beef is the one you have to be uber-careful with, because of the nasties of the beef industry, but steak is somewhat safer.

reply to Indygoddess: Given what I have read about the beef industry, no beef is really safe. However, you are correct that ground beef is much more perilous than steak. I still get the shivers when I think about it. When I told the boys about the experience, you should have seen their faces. Sheer horror. We had all read a book last week that had a lovely little chapter on the inner workings of a slaughterhouse. When you order a burger, there is more than just cow in there.

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