What I am Reading….

Posted on: 14 November, 06

Given last night’s gastronomic experience, it seemed the right time to write about this book.

Chew on This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson

Eric Schlosser also wrote Fast Food Nation.  This book looks at the history of the fast food industry.  It is treasure trove for trivia nuts like me.  Did you know the hamburger was invented by a 15 year old?  The story of the fast food industry founding fathers was very intriguing and inspiring.  They were men of very little formal education and even less wealth.  Through intelligence, a little luck, and lots of hard work, they built empires.  More remarkable is the impact they made on this nation, and now, the world with food products. 

Clearly, the author has issues with big corporations and the mass production of food products.  I am fairly certain the facts are not contrived, the tone is definitely slanted.  Be warned that the descriptions of food production might be too graphic for some.  However, even learning that bugs are used to create the bright colors of many candy products was not enough to deter anyone in my family from consuming candy.  My children and I read this book somewhat simultaneously and discussed it during meals.  Discussing cattle slaughterhouses might not be acceptable dinner conversation for some. 🙂 


1 Response to "What I am Reading…."

No wonder you write so well. You read so many interesting books. If your children read books like this, they must smart and interesting too!

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