Awesome Aussies

Posted on: 21 November, 06

I have subscribed to Sew News and Threads off and on for more years than I care to count.  Threads was once a wonderful magazine filled with fabulous articles and stunning photography.  Over the last few years, the quality of both have gone down hill.  I have always considered Sew News as sort of the “fast food” of sewing magazines.  Once in a while, it filled the need for a quick bite, nothing substantial or sustaining.  Honestly, for a long time, I subscribed primarily for the ads.  It was my way of staying on top of the new sewing products entering the market.

As Threads unraveled, I became desperate for a sewing magazine that would inspire and instruct me.  I refuse to believe I have nothing left to learn in sewing.  Those the subscription rate is a splurge, I started receiving Australian Stitches a few months ago.  The first thing I noticed was all the words.  Yes, plain and simple, it contains more words than Sew News and Threads… probably more words than Sew News and Threads combined.  When a new issue of Sew News or Threads arrived in the mail, I would sit down with a beverage to read.  I would be finished reading long before the beverage was done.  Recently Threads ran an article on making a bias cut sash.  It took FIVE pages to explain how to make a bias cut sash and tie it.  I think five paragraphs would have been sufficient.  Australian Stitches is so full of information that I cannot read it all in one sitting.  Ok, technically I could, but I would have to sit for a long time.  The articles are written in clear, concise language.  The photographs, while not as artistic as the old Threads magazine, aptly illustrate to concepts of the associated article.  It is a wee bit frustrating to see ads for vendors that are not available in the United States.  However, that is a small price to pay for a magazine that gives me fresh ideas and ways to improve my sewing.

Despite the multitude of renewal notices in my mailbox, I no longer subscribe to Threads or Sew News.  I might flip through an issue at the bookstore which is probably more than enough to glean whatever information might be there.  Australian Stitches is more expensive, but worth every penny.  Thank you to the lovely Australians for producing such a wonderful magazine.


1 Response to "Awesome Aussies"

I find this amusing. I am so bored/disappointed with Aust Stitches lately that I won’t be renewing my subscription. Some of the articles seem to be rehashed stuff I find on the internet… some reprints from earlier editions. And, photographs of ill-fitting clothing/underwear – pet peeve! Yet, I lust after Threads. To me it’s so much classier and informative. It really gets my creative juices going. Ah, if only international magazines were easier to obtain/subscribe to. I’m sure we’d all be happier sewists. Downloadable PDF’s would be awesome…

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