tan and black pullover jacket

Posted on: 22 November, 06

tan and black pullover jacket

Originally uploaded by mermaids103.
This started as design #29 from the Spring 2006 issue of Ottobre, which is a fully lined jacket with a detachable hood. The original design has a snap closure all the way down the front. C and I liked the stripe element of the sleeve, but he wanted a half zip pullover with a stand up collar. The fabric is a pique fleece from The Sewing Room. Sadly, The Sewing Room is no longer in business. Since the pattern was designed to be a coat, probably worn over a heavy sweater, there is a great deal of ease. I went down a couple sizes in the width and it is still quite generous, but C likes it that way. The sleeve cap also had to be adjusted a bit because it was drafted for a woven which would be eased in slightly. Elastic was added at the sleeve hem to draw in the wide sleeve. Had there been any of the tan fabric left over, I would had done a ribbed cuff. Which leads me to the back view….

There was not enough tan fabric to even get a full collar, so I added black inset. We are calling it a “design element.”

Overall, C and I are both very pleased with the result. Ottobre’s drafting is always so good. The black stripes match up beautifully. However, I will say this was one of the hardest patterns to trace, not because the pattern itself was so complicated. The problem was too many red and orange lines overlaid each other. I wish Ottobre had organized this particular pattern sheet differently. Nonetheless, I plan to use this pattern again….perhaps with a few other variations.


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I love the way you can look beyond the pattern and make it your own. Very creative!


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