And the race is on….

Posted on: 23 November, 06

I must be getting old and cranky. With each passing year, I cringe just a bit more each holiday season. The constant bombardment of advertising makes me want to hide from October until late January. The fact that the holiday ads begin in October may be part of the problem. It saddens me to see such focus on buying things for the holidays. It frightens me that families go into debt trying to “have a wonderful holiday.” Many families will be paying for their gifts until the next holiday season. Didn’t we have wonderful holidays back when the stores did not open hours before dawn on the day after Thanksgiving? Why does a “wonderful holiday” have such a high price tag?
As we sat around the table today, I encouraged my boys to think outside the box. We talked about gifts we could give and receive that cannot be put in a box. Not only do they like the challenge, they agree with the concept. So, our goal this year is to have an “outside the box” holiday.


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