Tempting Fate

Posted on: 29 November, 06

Legend has it that if toss a coat on over you jammies to drive you children to school, that is the day you will get into an accident. Thankfully, I did not get into an accident. I stayed up late last night because I just *had* to finish reading my book. I knew I would pay the price in the morning. Around 5:00 a.m., C comes into my room because he “couldn’t sleep.” Not quite ready to face the day, I offered for him to climb in my bed. He started snoring in seconds. Since he has not been feeling well recently and I was tired too, I decided to turn off my alarm and not shower so he would not be disturbed until it was time for him to get ready for school. My plan was to drop them off at school, then come home to shower and dress. I just drop them in front of the school. No one sees me. It is only 3 miles from my house. What could wrong?

It was a beautifully foggy morning. The boys and I were enjoying the ethereal feel of it all. C was excited that his science class was taking a walk into the woods because it would probably still be foggy at that time. We pull into the parking lot to see no other cars in the carpool line. Oh lucky day! A clean getaway was seconds away! As the boys were about to close the car door, a teacher popped her head into the car. “So glad I caught you! Do have a minute to come inside? We need your help.” Ack! I parked and scurried into school wearing mismatched sweats and a ponytail that was put up without even the benefit of a brush. Don’t even ask about the footwear. I looked like a yeti emerging from the foggy woods.


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