Lulu & Christine

Posted on: 1 December, 06

Since I paid so much for this Christine Jonson pattern, I want to get my money’s worth. This is the second of many versions to come. The fabric was purchased when a local fabric shop was going out of business. I tend to not buy prints. I am not crazy about florals, which is what one usually finds in fabrics. The scale on prints also has to be “just right” for me. Yes, I know I am picky. This was a nice weight knit, I liked the background color and it was on sale. Why not? As I was cutting it out, I noticed the selvedge said “Baby Lulu,” a line of fabrics which is highly coveted by many people on sewing lists. Honestly, I am not entirely impressed. The color and design are nice, but the fabric quality leaves me wanting. Notice how the sleeves are wrinkled? That is from wearing the top all day. It would seem there is not very good recovery in this fabric. Given the sale price, it is fine, but I would not go out of my way to buy any more of it. On a happy note, I had some FOE that matched the green perfectly.


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oooh i think it’s lovely!

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