Why I do It

Posted on: 6 December, 06

Being a substitute teacher is largely a thankless job. You show up hoping the teacher left good lesson plans and, perhaps, a seating chart so you don’t have to refer to a child as “Hey, you” all day. Teachers usually leave less than thrilling lesson plans that involve the children doing lots of quiet work at their desks. In defense of teachers, they usually don’t who the sub will be and if that sub is capable of teaching parabolic functions or the Revolutionary War. Some days I wonder if it is not also a way making sure the children still like them because the teacher does the fun lessons while the sub does boring stuff.

While the sub scrambles to decipher cryptic lesson plans, figures out how to work the overhead projector, and tries to intuit which students are scamming her, there is very little time for establishing any sort of bond or relationship with the students. Crisis management is the order of the day. So why would anyone in their right mind do this? It is certainly not for the money.

Today as I walked into a class to sub, some of the children actually cheered. No one booed. 🙂 That’s why I do it.


2 Responses to "Why I do It"

My hat is off to you, and substitute teachers everywhere! That’s a job I definitely couldn’t handle.

I remember in second grade I was not very popular~I was the one who whispered to our sub that ringing the little bell on the desk was the secret to making everyone sit down & be quiet. 🙂

Your story says it all. You described everything about a sub’s life to the exact point. I’m a sub also and experience all of these things. Thanks!

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