Pop Holiday

Posted on: 13 December, 06

The holidays come around at pretty much the same time every year. The holidays are not a pop quiz. No one suddenly says, “Ok, everyone go buy a bunch of gifts because we are having a holiday today! I know I didn’t tell you about it. That’s why it’s called a ‘pop’ holiday.” So why is it that every year I scramble at the last minute? I start thinking about gifts weeks, perhaps even months, ahead. Yet, I do not act upon those thoughts. Instead, I think, “What’s the rush. There’s plenty of time.” Sometimes, it is a commitment issue. If I buy or make the gift too soon, what happens if I think of a better gift? This year, I am in better shape than usual. God bless internet shopping with free shipping. An afternoon of clicking and I am just about done with the gifts to be shipped. Now it is time for the gifts to be sewn. A smart person would have started those weeks ago. Alas, I will be frantically stitching to complete the school gifts before winter break. Oh, did I mention, I want a new top for the neighborhood party…this Sunday?

Of course, every year, after the panic of the Pop Holiday, I vow to start earlier next year and be prepared. Yeah….right.


1 Response to "Pop Holiday"

LOL! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. I’m starting to think some people will get gift-wrapped IOUs this year. 😉

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