Doll Sewing

Posted on: 20 December, 06

Doll sewing is always a nice little break from reality. These are holiday gifts for friends since my dolls have more than enough clothes. It was a chance to play around with pattern drafting and use up some bits of fabric leftover from other projects. Some of the outfits are loosely based on patterns from the book “Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18 Inch Dolls.” Due to the small size and the doll’s limited range of motion, sewing doll clothes requires different techniques than sewing for people. Each time I make a doll outfit, I learn a few new things. Fortunately, the dolls don’t complain if the fit is not perfect or if a seam is bumpy. I need to stock up on some small trims and notions. First, some casual wear for hanging out with friends…..

Later, the girls were off to a party wearing festive frocks. The blue sweater is my doll version of the famous Ottobre wrap top. It is such a popular pattern for girls of all ages that I just *had* to make a doll version.

After all that fun, the girls were tired. I drafted this nightgown pattern from scratch. Sweet dreams!


2 Responses to "Doll Sewing"

Nice job! My favorite is the fuchsia-to-purple dress with the gold accents–it is just gorgeous!

So fun to see the pictures of the doll clothes you sewed! They are really nice.

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