Be Careful What You Wish For

Posted on: 28 December, 06

There are two things I really dislike… cold weather and large, noisy gatherings for extended periods of time. For weeks, I tried to think of a good reason to skip the family get together this year. Michigan is most definitely cold in December and 5 children and 9 adults in a small condo definitely qualifies as a large, noisy gathering. DH and I agreed that we would only stay 4 and 1/2 days, instead of the full ten days, and we would stay at a hotel instead of trying to cram ourselves into some small corner of the condo to sleep. We also planned to take a side trip to Canada one day, just the four of us. Inwardly, I still plotted other ways to minimize my time in the middle of the fray.

We stopped by the condo our first evening in town. Pandemonium was the order of the day as expected. We able to scoot out early, claiming travel fatigue. The next morning, C complains of a sore throat. Since something in the condo had made my eyes itchy, I thought, perhaps, allergies were to blame. A little food and a Benadryl would have him perky by lunch time. On our way to meet Virginia, a fabric friend, for lunch, we dashed into the drug store. If there had been any doubts about his health, I would have changed my lunch plans with Virginia. As we sat in the restaurant, I watched my child melt before my eyes into a puddle of “definitely not well.” DH took the boys back to the hotel while Virginia, her dd, and I went to Haberman’s for an afternoon of fabric petting. I had an uncanny ability to spot the most expensive fabric on the shelf. There were some beautiful things. We got lots of ideas from the display garments. Virginia and I managed to limit ourselves to two pieces of fabric each.

When I returned to the hotel, C was running a fever and in the midst of a long, long nap. It could be strep. It could be viral. Either way, I feel terrible for exposing Virginia and her dd to icky germs. C and I have been holed up in the hotel ever since. J and DH have spent some time at the condo, but not a lot. DH has to bring food in for us since C is too ill to go out. I hate that C feels *so* awful. He is bored out of his mind. I am equally bored. Being multi-tasking junkie, sitting around a hotel room all day is driving me nuts. One can only read and watch TV for so many hours in one day. We brought two laptops and chose a hotel with wireless internet so we could all get our internet fix. The hard drive on the second computer died a painful death. Four people to one laptop is not an acceptable ratio.

This morning, C wakes up and says, “Guess who made a miraculous recovery?” After a dramatic pause, he says, “Not me!” His throat still hurts a great deal, but his fever seems to have abated. DH is visiting a childhood friend. The boys and I watching the maids make up the room. They must think we are entirely odd because they find us in the same place every time they come to clean the room.

While I wanted to limit my time in the chaos, I did not want it to be at the expense of C’s health. The flight home could interesting if he is not feeling any better.


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