The Next Chapter

Posted on: 29 December, 06

I have always taught my children that when in a public place, like a hotel hallway, one should be considerate of other people. Use quiet voices, even during the day in case someone is sleeping. Do not run in the hallways because it is not a playground. Elevators are tools to transport people from one floor to another, not an amusement park ride. The basic idea is that public places belong to, well, the public, so our personal wishes/desires take a back seat to the comfort level of those around us. On occasion, my darlings have forgotten this principle, but I promptly remind them and they correct their behavior.

So here we are in a hotel room with a sick child. It is 9:30 and we are trying to get some sleep. We hear children racing up and down the hallway, shrieking in delight. We also hear them shouting across the atrium to their friends. I politely ask them to quiet down. They responded with dull, blank stares. Naturally, the running and shrieking continue. DH calls hotel security to report the problem. From the window, I can see the security standing near the elevators across the atrium. Children are still running and shrieking. I wanted to grab one of those little brats by the collar and drag him back to his room. I manage to show some restraint. Without touching him, using the “teacher glare” and the “teacher voice,” I demand he show where his room was. The woman in the room answers the door while still yakking on her cell phone. I explain that the children are disturbing us with their loudness. She denies that they are doing this. The children also deny it. I tell her that I have been watching them from the window for the last 15 minutes. She replies, “Honey, this is a hotel, a public place. DEAL WITH IT.” Clearly, this conversation was going nowhere. When I call the front desk again, she says the security guard did not see anything when he went up there. I explain that he must be blind and deaf if he did not see any mayhem because I watched him watching the children running and shrieking. I give her the room number of the brats and demand that security talk to them. Finally, there is peace in the hallway. However, I cannot sleep because I am fantasizing about running and shrieking in front of *her* room at 5 a.m.

Am I nuts or does the concept of “public space” mean that everyone can do whatever they want with no regard to anyone else?

There is more to this saga….but that is a tale for another day. I fear I have fallen victim to C’s germs.


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