Update on C’s Health

Posted on: 29 December, 06

As we got ready for our return flight home, C said his throat felt a little better, but his ear was “stuffy.” Oy. Ear problems and flying on a small plane is not a good combination. He tried to be a trooper, but I could tell he was in tremendous pain. As soon as we landed, I called the pediatrician to set up an appointment. It would take over an hour to get from the airport to our house and then another hour to the doctor’s office. C managed to sleep in the car which was good for him but worried me. He never sleeps in the car. Even as a baby, he would not sleep in the car. We dropped off J and DH at home and I picked up a microwave heat pack. C said it felt heavenly on his ear. He dozed again on the drive to the doctor’s office.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore our pediatrician? A few years ago, we moved to another town which is an hour away from his office. He is totally worth the drive. The good doctor confirmed a wicked case of strep and otitis media. He said there is probably also a sinus infection in there, but we weren’t going to quibble on diagnosis since he was prescribing antibiotics for the strep anyway. Dr W asked if J was showing any symptoms. We are keeping our fingers crossed that somehow J has dodged this particular bullet.

Once I delivered C back to his bed (oh, how lovely to be in his own bed) and picked up his antibiotics, I finally had a chance to breath…and notice that icky feeling in my own throat. Perhaps a good night’s rest…without children running and shrieking in the hallway…will have me feeling better by morning.


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