Last Minute Effort

Posted on: 3 January, 07

For the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, I planned to make the top from Vogue 2814, an Issey Miyake design. My aversion to reading directions and the pattern envelope finally came back to bite me. I missed the little note that reads “wrong side of fabric will show in portions of garment.” The fabric that I so carefully cut out had a definite right side and wrong side. Only after I was about halfway constructing the garment did I notice that this was going be a problem. My attempts to salvage the top were futile.

A sane person would have just worn something already in the closet. With only hours until the party and food to still prepare, I decide to come up with a Plan B. My friend Shari wisely suggested using a lovely fabric with a tried and true pattern. Being a masochist, I decided to draft a new design. At least I had the sense to use the tee pattern from Ottobre Woman ’06 as a base. Fortunately, this top sewed up in minutes and I was pleased with the result.

Today, I put the Issey Miyake top together just to see how it fits. When making this pattern, every piece needs to be well marked. Directions need to be followed to the letter. The end result is good…or will be good when I make it from a suitable fabric.


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