Baby Boom

Posted on: 14 January, 07

It seems everyone I know is having a baby. Lucky for me, Ottobre has such cute (and easy) baby patterns! This first one is for a sewing friend. Sewing for someone who sews is pressure. I worry that they will look at every seam and find every little flaw….and there are flaws to be found. Anyway, I have used this fabric for a previous baby gift. Since I still have some, you will probably see it again. Because it is so soft and I love the color, I have no problem using it for multiple gifts. The patterns are design #5 & #6 from the Winter 2006 issue. The fabric seemed too bulky for a zipper in the back, so I added a button closure instead. The little footed pants are cute, but the gusset was a challenge to sew. The top is trimmed in lime fold over elastic. How *did* I sew before that stuff?

The next one is for a teacher at school. There is a mini baby boom going on at our school. Fortunately, it is limited to the staff and not the students. Anyway… this dress is for a baby that is due over the summer. The pattern is design #3 from Ottobre Summer 2005. The sleeves and bloomers are gathered with an elastic lace. The fabric is from Fabric mart. It is the softest rayon cotton blend, leftover from a summer dress I made for myself a couple years ago. Every time I wear that dress, I feel like I am at the beach. When I was planning this dress, I thought about adding ribbons or lace or something. However, the fabric is so simple and sweet that embellishments seemed too fussy. The simplicity gives it that feel of a cool ocean breeze.


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