Baby Bubo

Posted on: 22 January, 07

The Latin teacher at our middle school is truly gifted. Somehow, she manages to get adolescent children excited about Latin. C wrote the grocery list in Latin this weekend. She manages to bring a dead language to life. In addition to learning the language, the students learn a great deal about ancient Roman culture. Ms M often uses a pair of stuffed owls to illustrate the life cycle rituals like marriage, death, the naming ceremony, etc. C felt there should also be a baby owl. This little guy was made with two pom poms sewn together. The pom poms were made with a furry yarn…. that sheds if you just think about it. My sewing room is covered in grey fuzz. He is an awfully cute little guy… sorta wish he could hang around a bit longer. By the way, “bubo” is latin for “owl.”


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latin..god I hated doing it at school

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