What About the Boys?

Posted on: 26 January, 07

Someone pointed out that I have only sewn baby *girl* things lately, certainly there would be a need for a boy gift sooner or later. There has been a large number of baby girls in my social circle lately. However, I do know of one boy on the way and I would not dream of leaving him out of the gift bonanza. He is not due to make his grand entrance for a few more months, but I thought I would get a head start.

The pattern is Ottobre Autumn 2006 #3. I added a snap opening for the crotch to facilitate diaper changes. Like many Ottobre patterns, this is a very easy pattern with lots of style. It is a wonderful way to use up those bits of special fabrics you cannot bear to throw away. Though the pattern calls for corduroy, you could also use knits or fleece. You could even combine knits and wovens. The overalls are roomy and comfortable, but the bit of elastic on the sides prevents gaping. This pattern has definitely joined the list of my favorites!

Typically, I don’t bother posting back views, but the back of this one is special enough to warrant a photo.  The curved lines could be really cool with a striped fabric.

Lastly, the little tee is Ottobre Summer 2006 #13.  It is a terrific basic pattern that will also get used often.  I was quite excited that the red woven matched the little stars *and* the knit fabric for the tee.  It is amazing how many different shades of red there are.


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