Palm Panic

Posted on: 6 February, 07

I love my Palm TX, but it does not always return my affections. My Handspring Visor Edge was a true friend. For four years, the sleek and slim Handspring worked with nary a hiccup or glitch. It was a sad, sad day when the screen cracked. Despite much research, I could find no way to repair my beloved Handspring.

Enter the Palm TX. I love the color screen. I love the WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. I love the memory card slot. I love the landscape mode for the screen. I don’t love wondering what will happen when I press the power button. Will it go into an endless rebooting loop? Will it freeze? Will it just sit there, mocking me with a blank screen? A soft reset usually remedies the situation. However, a hard reset has been necessary more than once. Trust me, I back up my data often….very often.

Last night, I pressed the power button and got nothing. It took a few tries to even get a hard reset to take. I am very concerned that my TX is dying. If this one dies, I am not so sure I will buy another one. Portable electronics don’t fare too well in my hands as I have a tendency to drop them, or sit on them, or expose them to extreme temperatures by leaving them in the car. As much as a PDA has simplified my life, a PDA is too expensive to be so “disposable” in my hands.

My TX is 18 months old which means the warranty has expired. Repairing it out of warranty would cost almost as much as a new device. I will keep using it until it dies or becomes so infuriating that I smash it against a brick wall. According to all the reviews, there are lots and lots of very happy Palm TX users out there. Perhaps this one is a lemon or I am an idiot.


1 Response to "Palm Panic"

I too have been dealing with the Palm woes. I have a Tungsten T- had it 4 years- but over the last year it’s been driving me nuts…. not to mention when I had to do a hard reset… went to sync with desktop somehow the address book setting wasn’t to overwrite handheld and bleep…..address book of 6 years- GONE. Considred buying a Treo but like you am a klutz. And my husband has turned thie opportunity down more than once with the comment that he isn’t sure having his brains and his phone in the same place is a good idea. He couldn’t survive w/o his Palm T5.

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