I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….

Posted on: 24 February, 07

There have been requests to see my sewing room…. as it is at this very minute… no mad dash cleaning for company. Eek! To be honest, it has looked better and it has looked much worse. Because I have been on a long term sub assignment, I have not done much sewing. The boys have spent more time sewing in here than I have! Part of the disarray is due to their work on their Odyssey of the Mind costumes and props. In the midst of subbing, I am also one of the coaches for their team. After the competition on Saturday, we will be able to clear out all the props and supplies and I will also have much more free time. Woo hoo! Ok, back to the sewing room…..

When we first moved into this house, my sewing room was in the downstairs guest bedroom. It is a beautiful room with vaulted ceilings, an enormous palladian window, and a big walk in closet. The room over the garage was a playroom for the boys. After a couple years, we noticed the boys did not need a playroom anymore but they did need a study. As the amount of homework increased, the kitchen table was no longer a good option. We decided to turn the downstairs room into a study and move my sewing room upstairs to their old playroom. The study is right off the foyer which means every one who came over could see all of sewing mess. We set up a large worktable, bookcases, and computer desk for the boys. They can leave the work spread out on the nights when they don’t get their homework finished before dinner of if they have a long term project.

We cleared out the toys from the room over the garage. There is no closet, but the room is larger than the downstairs study. To highlight the angles of the walls and ceiling, I painted the room yellow, green, and blue. Some of my fabric is still stored in the closet downstairs. Some is stored under the skirted work tables. Overall, it has been a better use of the two rooms for our family. Here is a view from the doorway:

The room is roughly the size of the double car garage beneath it. I try to clean up after each project because I find too much clutter to be distracting. However, it is difficult to have a well stocked sewing room without some clutter.

To the left of the entrance is my cutting area. The table is the ubiquitous craft table from Jo Anns. There is plenty of room to have both sides extended, but I find horizontal surfaces attract clutter. My scissors, rotary cutters, drafting rulers, tracing pens, etc are kept in the plastic drawers in the corner. The silver “white board” is great for making notes or sketching quick ideas. Behind the cutting table is a short bookcase which houses some of my sewing books, completed gifts, and fabrics waiting to be put away.

My machines are set up in an L shape to facilitate moving from one machine to the other. I try very hard to keep the table area around each machine clear so there is room to work with fabric. I have Bernina serger purchased second hand 14 years ago. It is a true workhorse. My sewing machine is a Viking Lily which I would not trade for anything. My second serger is a Pfaff 4872 which I purchased at an estate sale.

Next is my ironing area. On the table behind the ironing board is my White 3300 embroidery machine. Since it is not used very often, it is not a problem to move the ironing board. My stablizers, threads, CD’s, hoops, etc are stored in the drawers in the corner.

Last is my computer area. My desk, file cabinet, and computer tower fit perfectly in this little niche. There are more piles than usual on the desk because I have not had a chance to clear out paperwork lately.

So, who wants to go next?


7 Responses to "I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…."

Well Teri……first, your room is beautiful…so nice and bright, neat, and clean. Next, you won’t be seeing mine anytime soon…I’m going through a huge re-organization to accomodate my 2 very different sewing businesses….to show it now would bring shame upon myself, my family and my employees, LOL!


Hi Teri,
I love your room and it’s natural sunlight. So very nice. I also like those little cubbie shelf type things–very convenient. Do you usually cover your machines after every use? I have covers put don’t put them on (though after an incident involving hot cocoa and a 3yo I should LOL). I have a few pictures of my room in flickr, but I’m willing to share a raw and uncut picture too–how do I do that?

What a great space! Mine IS the garage 🙂 There are pics somewhere in my blog – Sept. I think. Thanks for sharing.

lisaquilts: I *try* to keep my machines covered to minimize dust accumulation. I much prefer the times when I am sewing so much that there is no time to cover them. I enjoyed seeing your photos on Flickr. You have a very organized set up!

Oh please. That room is so gorgeous it makes me nauseated. (laughing and kidding of course!)

I did a post about my less than ideal sewing space — you can read it — but be prepared. No light….no cool wall stuff…it’s a dungeon! (grin) Like sewing in the middle ages…but with power…and a foot pedal.


Hi Teri,

Your sewing room is fantastic! You’ve given me quite a few good ideas for when I can finish setting mine up (should only be a few weeks away – just carpet to go into the room now). I’m envious of your embroidery machine! I’ve only just bought an overlocker in the past six months. But the Pinnock sewing machine I received for my 21st is still going strong (quite a few years later). Great to see a tidy room too – I also like to keep things neat.


Your sewing room is very very colorful and it’s just great to give yourself a very comfortable organized area to work on your projects!
I love it. 🙂

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