Moving On

Posted on: 7 March, 07

After those disastrous pants, I need a project with a high probability of success.  As luck would have it, the issue of Ottobre Woman arrived.  In between taking care of sick children, I am working on the 2 in 1 wrap top.  The fabric is a silky rayon jersey…black with pink and white stripes.  I decided to not obsess over matching the stripes.  Because of the layered wrap effect, the stripes will be all over the place anyway.  The pattern was laid out willy nilly.

Fold over elastic would be the obvious and easy choice for the binding.  However, I was kind of digging the randomness of the stripes.  Cutting the binding on the cross grain will add to the randomness of the stripes.  I love the way the binding looks on the tank portion.  Having a binder attachment for my serger would make this project *so* much easier.  Using a fabric that doesn’t slide all over the place would also make this project easier.  Nonetheless, this project is infinitely more enjoyable than those wretched pants, which are sitting in the donation box at this very minute.

As for those pants….  Thank you for all the great suggestions, especially the one to just chuck them.  All those wrinkles in the back certainly looks like the grainline is off.  Since I am a freak about laying out patterns exactly on the grainline, I can only guess that there are drafting issues.  I fiddled with crotch curve a bit with some improvement, but enough to allow those pants into my closet.  Given that we all come in different shapes and sizes, this pattern probably works for somebody, just not me.  I have learned my lesson and I will stick with Ottobre.

Ok, off to work on my top before it is time to take temperatures and administer more medications.


1 Response to "Moving On"

Just because you cut them perfectly on grain, doesn’t mean they hang on the straight grain on your body. (Ask me how I know!)

I really enjoy tossing projects that don’t behave. Go ahead, it feels good!!

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