“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”

Posted on: 11 March, 07

Ok, so I didn’t gather rosebuds today, but I did gather the neckline of tee. Does that count? This project number two from the newest issue of Ottobre Woman. Can you tell I really, really like this magazine? Thank goodness Finland is far away and very, very cold, otherwise I would have to embarrass myself (and my family) by being a crazed, screaming fan at the entrance to the Ottobre office. I would scribble a big “I (heart) Ottobre” on a piece of poster board and wait at the entrance. Upon spotting an Ottobre employee, I would squeal and gush and babble lots of nonsense until security is called to take me away. If Tuula walked by, I just might faint.

Back to the sewing….. I made design #4, a simple tee with gathering at the neckline. It is amazing how that little detail jazzes up a plain tee. For once, I followed the directions, applying the neck binding according to their instructions. It was easy to do with pleasing results. I have noticed Ottobre is going into more detail in the directions. It is my strong suspicion that they read the Ottobre-English Yahoo group. The question “Do you add seam allowances to the bindings?” has come up numerous times. Lo and behold, this issue of Ottobre explains more precisely where to add seam allowances.

I did not do the puffed sleeves. Being so petite, I feared puffed sleeves would look like I was wearing a child’s shirt. Since I have purchased my clothing in the children’s department, the assumption would not be far fetched. Fortunately, Ottobre pattern pieces are often interchangeable. (Reason #357 of why I love Ottobre….interchangeable pattern pieces make it so easy to hack their patterns.) The sleeve from design #3 fit perfectly into the the armscye.

The fabric is a single knit jersey from a local children’s wear manufacturer. It is a good quality jersey, but I have discovered I don’t really like jersey. I don’t like sewing it and I don’t like wearing it. I much prefer the soft thickness of a nice interlock. Nonetheless, I am happy with this tee and it will work nicely with a couple of summer skirts I have. Naturally, I plan to make this tee again, but maybe as a tank, or perhaps long sleeves.


7 Responses to "“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”"

Very cute, Teri.

Very nice!! One of my favorite colors. My copy of OW still hasn’t shown up. Sob.

Hi there,

Nice looking top! You’re right, the gathering is what makes this “ordinary” t-shirt so special. Thanks for the tip regarding the boat neck of the CJ top, I checked your picture and indeed, yours looks fine. Mine is all baggy and way too open. I guess I’ll have to alter it to make it fit correctly. One more project on the pile πŸ˜‰

Hi Teri,

Oh this is nice! Just the perfect amount of gathering!
This design is going on my must-sew list.

Great job! I was going to do the exact change.. I am glad it works so well changing sleeves πŸ˜›

LOL teri, I’m an Ottobre groupie too, love your comment about fainting if Tuula walked by πŸ˜€
Great looking T, nice sleeve modification, might copy that idea, thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog πŸ™‚ Nice to see someone who loves Ottobre as much as me. I have shivers about what I will do when my kids are too old to wear their stuff – how would I live without my Ottobre mag *VBG* (I even have 2 German issues, and my German is minimal at best ROFL!
I love your crossover top πŸ™‚

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