Geeky and Girly

Posted on: 21 March, 07

In an effort to “girlify” my computer, I downloaded this theme from Mozilla. In case you did not know, Mozilla rocks.

I find it rather amusing that the latest version of IE looks like a Mozilla wannabe. Ok, enough mocking Microsoft. I am quite partial to many Microsoft products. Word and Excel… life would be a wreck without them.

Now, if someone had a Hello Kitty theme for IE, I just might have to switch teams. If there were a Hello Kitty theme for Firefox, I would positively faint. If anyone knows of one, please, please let me know.


1 Response to "Geeky and Girly"

No — you’re life wouldn’t be over without Word and Excel — you’d just download Open — and they have the whole SUITE of products that look exactly like the Microsoft Office products and more importantly — they are FREE.

A group of techies created it in protestation of Microsoft. I use it (you can convert Word files back and forth to openoffice if you need to).

I learned this when my son crashed our computer and I lost our Office software (don’t ask).

I love Mozilla too!

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