Put de Lime in de Coconut….

Posted on: 24 March, 07

The quarter yard of fabric left over from my top too big to throw away but too small to put back into Stash. The obvious solution was to sew a baby gift! I really liked the coral FOE with the lime jersey, but it needed something more. None of the three trillion embroidery designs I have on my hard drive seemed “just right.” Ribbons and buttons were not quite right either. It was late. I hoped inspiration would come to me in my sleep….and it did.

Decorative stitching in thread to match the coral FOE was just what I wanted. If I had planned ahead (which I seldom do with sewing), I would have done the decorative stitching before cutting out the bodice pieces. When one flies by the seat of their pants, turbulence is to be expected. Temporary adhesive was used to hold lightweight stabilizer in place. To get the sort of randomness of the curves, the key is to think about something other than the curves. Once the decorative stitching was done, the rest of the dress went to together in a snap.

The pattern is design #11 from Ottobre Spring ’07. Such a simple pattern is the perfect blank canvas to let your creativity soar.

9 Responses to "Put de Lime in de Coconut…."

This is super-cute. It’s a lucky little girl who receives it.

How creative! I love the pink and green together. The little dress looks lovely with matching stitches on the bodice and hems. The seam label is a sweet extra touch 🙂

Very creative, I bet it was fun to use those stitches. The label is a nice touch, too.

Such a precious dress!

That is so cute! I have not had success with that pattern yet but I’m going to give it a try again soon.

It looks great! I love the color for the stitching…and I am right there with you, planning ahead when sewing never quite happens

Simply adorable! Yes, the random stitching is what I noticed first! Wonderful job…

very cute! where do you get the seam labels

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