Happy Pants

Posted on: 3 April, 07

Remember those awful pants I wrote about earlier? No, wait…forget those. Look at these instead. Really, I can sew pants that fit and I do not have two giant bulges on my hips. Those bulges were the ugly pants, not my body. If the garment fits well, it must be Ottobre. This is design #14 from the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman.

Knowing how well Ottobre patterns are drafted, I compared my measurements to the chart and made adjustments accordingly. The pattern is drafted to sit at the natural waist line. I wanted my pants to sit a little lower. Given the disaster that was my last attempt at pants, I decided to actually make a muslin first. As the boys were working on Odyssey of the Mind costumes, I cut out and quickly sewed up a muslin from a truly hideous piece of fabric. Quite puzzled, C asked, “What are you making?” When I told it him “pants,” his face contorted in disgust, but he quickly tried to recover his expression to avoid insulting me. I explained the concept of a muslin. He was greatly relieved that I had no intention of wearing that hideous fabric ever again. The good news was the muslin fit was spot on.

The fabric is a brushed twill from a few years ago. It is light enough for warm weather. The topstitching is aqua blue for a more casual, summery look. I should remember to take things out of my pockets before posing for photos.

In hindsight, (pun intended) the back pockets are too big. When I make these again, the pockets will be smaller. I did not include the belt loops because I never wear a belt. The stitching on the back pockets is just a random zig zag. I drew a template on paper, which I transferred to the pockets. I even remembered to mirror the images!

Since I seldom stand perfectly straight, an action shot is included. These pants have room to move and sit without being baggy. The contoured waistband sits so nicely on my waist. You can see how it keeps the waistband close to the body without being tight. When I sit, there is no gaping in the back.

The next time I even think about using something other than Ottobre for pants, would someone please smack me? Ok, I have had good luck with Pattern Master Boutique and a Kwik Sew pattern. However, Ottobre still wins on style points.


9 Responses to "Happy Pants"

These are great! So much nicer to start with a good draft than to try to rescue something that wasn’t. Good job!

These are lovely!

They’re amazing teri! Very professional looking sewing and lovely fit. Are they pants or capri length? I’m tempted to try the pretty bird design that Ottobre supplied for one of the back pockets but the zig-zag is a great design too!

Great pants! They look very professional.

Teri, what terrific pants! You’ve convinced me to try this pattern….thank-you!

Wow! I am impressed. You are a talented seamstress. Now I know who to ask for all my alteration questions! 🙂 The pants look great. Love, Wardeh

really great. Love the color of the top stitching.

Fantastic, Teri!

Wow, perfect fit! I have to try those! Your detailing/topstitching, matching up the seams is fantastic. Great job Teri.

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