Thank You to the Worms

Posted on: 17 April, 07

Typically, I am not overly fond of worms. However, if I met a silk worm, I just might have to give him a kiss or at least a big, juicy mulberry leaf. Silk is such a beautiful fabric. Those little worms work so hard. Here are photos of the lovelies the Hubski bought on his trip to Japan and China earlier this month. Overall, these business trips stink, big time, but the fabric is a nice consolation prize.

I already have some ideas for these fabrics. Notice I said “ideas,” but nothing about actual time in which to sew them. As usual, I have more ideas than time. One of them will probably be one of the skirts from the new Ottobre Woman, maybe the blue ferns. I need to pull out the silks I got last summer to see if any of them coordinate with these.

Pattern suggestions and design ideas would be most welcome.  It is fun to see what others would do the same fabric.


3 Responses to "Thank You to the Worms"

Beautiful fabric. How about a jean jacket style pattern, it could be very dressy or casual. Wear the silk jacket with a fancy dress or your jeans. Your hubby does great work.

Oh my! Those fabrics are amazing. Love the mulberry flowers, and indeed those blue ferns! Stunning.

What beautiful fabric! More amazing than that your dh buys you fabric is that he picks such beautiful ones. He has good taste.

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